Fro Rojas, is a Miami-based director and fashion photographer. He submitted one of his latest Editorials shot with Model/muse Anna while visiting Los Angeles at Uscout.


“Anna and I had been trying to shoot for a while and we finally were able to connect in LA. The location was a gorgeous empty mid-century house up in the hills, lent to me to by my friend Jae at Uscout. Anna brings so much great energy to a shoot, allowing the house to be our main source of inspiration we got right into shooting. My biggest thing when doing any shoot is allowing the model to get lost in her thoughts or get lost in a moment and then allowing me to capture that feeling and vibe, Anna does this so well. We shot fast and had a blast creating so many looks and moments on set. She was easily one of my fave people to ever have work with and definitely one of my favorite locations ever. It was the classiest of times.”

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