The KFC love is real, but is it real enough to get kids to pay $76 dollars for a sweatshirt?! That’s the question that the fast food giant is hoping to be YES. Tapping into the fashion trends of hipster youth and mimicking brands like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, the fried chicken king is banking on us loving their retro new age vibes enough to dish out big cash. 

KFC has launched a new campaign with some not-so-bad apparel, no really, it’s actually kinda tight. From fried chicken socks, a tuxedo T-shirt, Colonel pilow’s to even a $76 sweatshirt (our fav). If you have fuck you money you might even wanna waste $20,000 on their chicken sandwich which has been fashioned out of an actual meteorite from outer space.

If KFC apparel is breaking your bank account though, there’s always the litany of home accessories their offering too!

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