Alma Štrkljević was born in Split, Croatia in 1991. After finishing the School of Fine Arts, where she took Photography as her main subject, she enrolled into the Academy of Fine Arts in Split and obtained a bachelor degree at the Department of Visual Communication, where she continued with her studies. Alma lives and works in Split as a freelance photographer and mixed media artist. She exhibited her work a few times at the group exhibitions in Zagreb, Split and at Pecha Kucha Night in Sarajevo. When it comes to classical photography, Alma likes natural, almost raw photography. She is also interested in manipulating photography by using photo-collages, thus making this manipulation literally visible. In her work, she is constantly balancing between fashion and art photography.

LINES, NUDES is a collaboration between artists Alma Štrkljević and Josipa Krolo composed of different media they work in: photography, mixed media, painting, sculpture. By exploring the possibilities of various body poses they capture the body’s sculpturality, the form of which is further explicated through brush strokes.

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