Nick Tsirogiannidis, is a photographer based in New York City who mostly works with analog photography that develops and prints his own photos. He submitted to us one of his latest editorials shot with model Isabel Rae Ringer, he tells us a little about the story and concept behind this set.

“The idea was to create very natural and rustic looks with an ‘exhausted party girl’ vibe. The looks combined with the location of the amazing loft in Red Hook where we decided to shoot, made for a unique feel that lives and breathes through the pictures, like an after-party dance between the model and the soft sunset light coming through the giant windows.”

See more of Nick’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

Model: Isabel Rae Ringer ||Hair: Georgie Calvert || Makeup: Corinne Tweed
Photographer/Styling: Nick Tsirogiannidis