Xabier Perez, is a 21 years old starting photographer from the north of Spain. He submitted to us his travel diary while traveling thru Italy with the idea of getting out of the comfort zone of a mere tourist, and try to get something visually that won´t be just a souvenir of the trip, but something more.


A few weeks ago I traveled 10 days to Italy to visit my girlfriend Ainara (we had been a few months away from each other while she was working near Florence ), and travel with her around some spectacular cities and landscapes with a Nikon F3 film camera in my hands and a bunch of cheap film rolls (I love film photography, it makes me think, move and shoot in a so different way to digital; every shoot is more meditated and calculated, more pure and row, but you never know till some days later, when you have the film and pics in your hands, what you have really got).

See more of Xabier’s work here: INSTAGRAM

Muse: Ainara Rodriguez Gonzalez


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