Elis Jolie, is a photographer based in Milan, Italy. She submitted her latest editorial exclusively for us here at NAKID! hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do.
This fashion story explores the concept of identity, rebirth and liberation. It’s a portrayal of a young and rebellious female character who finds meaning in her own solitude.  It’s a languid pose celebrating the female body and the unmasking of our character’s personality, going beyond what people see at a first glimpse. A simultaneous visual exploration of movement and stillness. The sun and the water are the elements that will help her reinvent herself, as beauty, independence and self love are all contained in her own body, she will only need to realize it herself.
See more of Elis Jolie’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM
shot and styled : Elis Jolie
wardrobe provided by: Alanna Pearl 
makeup & hair by: Elizabeth Ulloa

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