Mikkel Kristensen and model Eva Slaba with Clique Models team up for this sexy book reading session for an exclusive editorial on NAKID!

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Born in Hong Kong in 1983 to Danish parents, Mikkel Kristensen is a Copenhagen based snapshot photographer and co-founder of Copenhagen born party-turned-fashion brand POP Copenhagen.

Mikkel began taking photos of the colourful guests at the underground ‘POP’ parties he hosted with friend & designer Kasper Henriksen in the late 00’s. In 2008 the two friends launched POP Copenhagen as a mens & womenswear brand ‘inspired by these, and all tomorrow’s parties…’

Through his work as POP’s marketing & art director, Mikkel found new purpose with his fascination for analogue film, snapshot aesthetics & beautiful creatures. He started photographing friends and models wearing the clothes in hotel rooms & stunning sites around the world while touring with the collections, and eventually the official POP campaigns. 

Since summer 2015, Mikkel has published work with P Magazine, C-Heads Magazine, Sticks & Stones Agency, YAF Magazine, Next Door Model Magazine, Off The Rails Magazine, Last Daze & We Are The People Magazine and his photos are exhibited and sold at the online gallery Stolen Moments Gallery.