Asha Efia, is from the collective of visual artists at CENO.NYC with a unifying respect for the culture of the youth, and a desire to listen, and not dictate. Each one of their projects demands to be visually striking and explicitly unique to who they collaborate with. Producing a wide variety of work in many different forms and mediums with strengths in illustration, video, show and event curation, digital and printed promotional materials, photography, web design, and graphic design.


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Under the pseudonym Eartheater, Alexandra Drewchin is a New York based self produced multi instrumentalist, composer, choreographer and vocalist who’s unpredictable and varied sounds are unmistakably watermarked by her delivery and production. In 2015, Alexandra, released two records, Metalepsis and RIP Chrysalis, that received wide critical acclaim for their provocation of popular and classical paradigms. Since then she’s been touring constantly throughout the world. She employs strategic juxtaposition that feels seductive in spite of her garbled “multi-tabs open” style. In the past year her hyper composed pieces are polarized by improvisational destruction. Even though she had a rigorous classical training in violin, Alexandra is not tethered to an instrument and has been rapidly evolving her use of the DAW and electronic minutia. In observing her brutally romantic performances, the vicarious amplification of Drewchin’s process is experienced simultaneously in Eartheater’s physical body as she contorts and pushes tensions to the brink. In the past year she’s shared bills with the likes of Lee Scratch Perry, Jenny Hval, Juliana Huxtable, Princess Nokia, Wolf Eyes and Actress. When not circulating in the music world Eartheater is also very active in the performance dance world along side incendiary acts like FLUCT.

In recent news, Drewchin just chose the date, November 3rd, for the release date of her next record, C.L.I.T. (Curiosity Liberates Infinite Truth), coming out on Bill Kouligas’s PAN Records. The record features some of her friends like Moor Mother and Odwalla 1221.

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Talent: Eartheater

Photographer: Asha Efia 

Makeup: Celina Rodriguez





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