Jiorgi Garlyn, better known as ‘Sabotage‘, is a Miami based model and creative director who recently teamed up with photographers Guillermo Antonini and Herbert Felix to create this amazing exclusive editorial for NAKID! Garlyn used to mode for several brands and provide a specific looks but eventually grew out of it from lack of creative freedom. Going from modeling, to styling, to creative directing made her question why she wasn’t putting together passionate projects herself. When asked about her work and her passions, Garlyn had this to say:
I refuse to play the role of one woman. I represent multitudes and that makes people uncomfortable. Growing up, just because I didn’t fit certain stereotypes, I wasn’t very well accepted. Everything was so clique-ey, and I could never limit myself to one group. So I tried to be involved in all of them and it kind of blew up in my face. That’s when I realized I was a leader. I didn’t do well with following and I finally got the courage to say, “screw this” and really embrace my individuality and femininity to a point that unintentionally attracted more creatives and people I genuinely admired and enjoyed.
– Jiorgi Garlyn

Team Credits:

First Shooter: Herbert Felix /
Stylist & Hair/MUA: Shine Morales  / Shyfy.Co
Model & Creative Director: Jiorgi Garlyn

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