“Farmer” is a body of work that Photographer Jack Clark has currently been exploring based on the skateboarding subculture. Significantly revolved around one subject, he aims to capture not only the subject himself but any connections that add to his subject’s identity (e.g. friendship, relationships and hobbies). By capturing his lifestyle, to the basics of the subculture itself, he wishes to portray a very personal study of the subculture from an individual skater’s life, from his personal point of view.  This is an ongoing project that Jack has been developing since knowing his subject “farmer” and developing extensively since starting university at Swansea College of Art (Trinity Saint David). Due to Jack and Farmer being close childhood friends and remaining friends over the past 10 years, it’s allowed him to access personal details of his subject’s life with almost no boundaries pushing him to document this period of his subjects life and his lifestyle displaying close detail.  By doing this it has enabled Jack to document minor details within his subject’s life in order to make his project not only personal but exiting for himself and the audience, letting him produce a self-managed project that displays to him, an in depth personal documentary of  the subculture. He has displayed the full project in the style of a book which links in with the common overview of skateboarding, using wood from a skateboard to create the covers for the book, he has also used his work to make a hand drawn promotional packs that include a zine, a disk with the trailer for the project and a no narrative video showing a mash up of clips while photographing his subject, stickers using images from the project and a small print of an image from his work which reflects his subject that he is documenting.


See more of Jack Clark’s work here:  WEBSITE


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