Wigs, Jerseys, and lots of Dancing Queens was the highlight of the last night out of my South East Coast trip, after talking to a few locals downtown, I mentioned I wanted to find the Queens of the night, I was looking for the Glam, the Fearless and a bit of Weird to top it all off.  So the little birds downtown looked at me and shouted ‘Say No More’ and pointed me to a very comforting and friendly place just a few miles away, Southern Nights, the premiere gay dance and performance club in Orlando was the flame that inspired today Photo Diary.

Coming from a community that faced the most devastating act of hate against the Gay community just last year with the Pulse attack, Southernnights felt like a warm and sincere atmosphere to be in, their Thursday crowd was filled with youth, with diversity and colors, so many colors. So after meeting a lovely witchy Drag Queen named Matryx by the bathroom stall, I ran into my car, grabbed my camera and did not stopped until I captured as much of the local talent and folklore.

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