Interview by Allan Gregorio

Photographer Allan Gregorio and transgender model and fashion icon Lucy Fizz, who is also the star of ‘LUCY: My Transgender Life that has released and is out now! The two teamed up for this exclusive mini-interview and photo-series as a preview for their feature in ISSUE VIII coming early November as part of our Transgender Awareness Week coverage! Read more below.

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In a couple of words – who is Lucy Fizz now?
Dancing machine, crowd surfing queen and star of a new documentary, Lucy, about my life as a trans woman.
What changed in your life after the release of LUCY: My Transgender Life?
The main way my life has changed since the release of the film is that I now embrace my identity as a trans woman. I think before I was quite content to just live my life as a Lucy. I’ve been very fortunate with how my life has panned out and now I feel like I have a responsibility to embrace my trans identity in order to help people who are facing similar issues.
You received the Best Reality Performance prize at the New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam. What do you think helped you most to achieve recognition?
I think the judges said that the honesty and openness with which I told my story was what clinched it when it came to winning the prize for ‘Best Reality Performance’
What are your essential ingredients for happiness?
Friends, music, dancing.
You should meet my friends, a collection of the most talented, creative and loving nutbags you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing. I’m never more happy than when I’m dancing on stage with a bunch of drag queens at Savage, Sink the Pink or the NYC Downlow.
What scares you most?
Ignorance and intolerance.
What part does fashion/style play in shaping your identity?
I’m into neon in a big way at the moment. It’s bold and unapologetic, I think that’s an accurate reflection of my character.
What would you advise to yourself aged 15?
Everything will work out. You can’t even imagine how much happiness is ahead of you.
In a couple of words – who is Lucy Fizz, age 60?
I hope she’s still dancing!