Capturing teenage revelry in a Pop-Punk / No F’s Given fashion, Off Bloom the Copenhagen based trio marks a comeback into the wavy electro pop world with ‘Shut up and let me Walk’, a stand offish yet cheerful tune with potential to become a break up anthem or at least a therapeutic song to help take your anger out in a rhythmic and subtle way.  Speaking about the new track, Off Bloom reveal, “we wrote this song on a feeling of anger! Proper anger and frustration! In today’s society, anger and sadness are seen as weak traits, but for us, it’s the contrary. Weakness is not being able to acknowledge that we all fuck up from time to time, that we can all be fucking stupid. The three of us had each been going through this frustration, whether it was because of the current political climate and the fact that Trump became president, or it was a fight with some fake music industry wanker or it was because of some bullshit from a boy/girl… we’d had enough! So shut up and let me walk!”

Splitting their time between Copenhagen and their current home, London, all three band members – Metteon vocals and Alex and Mads on production– write and produce anthemic, inventive electro-pop overlaid with beautiful melodies. We don’t want to do something that’s already been done, say Off Bloom, who are part of a group of artists and producers including Two Inch PunchAlunaGeorgeTove LoLissGossSchool Of XVera and Vasco who are pushing boundaries and injecting pop music with a snarling DIY punk spirit.

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