Pulling inspiration from the sixties and seventies narrative, Chase Cohl is a Canadian singer/songwriting with a haunting sound set to spark a very melancholic feeling in the music industry. Her new track
The Way It Goes,” produced by Loren Humphrey [The Last Shadow Puppets, Guards, Willowz], handles emotional narratives with delicate, acoustic charm, folk tendencies, and rock ‘n’ roll energy. It was recorded in the legendary Valentine Studios, a recently re-opened time capsule which served as the site for the seminal recordings of Elvis and The Beach Boys, everything about this project has Legendary written all over it. Chase told Nakid Magine about the new track
“I wanted the record to unfold like a novel or even more so a diary,” said Chase of her music. “I’m asking people to share in such personal experiences. It’s so much about navigating through my demons, and the demons of others, ideally to turn those into something productive. It doesn’t even have to be positive, just truly creative and therefore cathartic. It felt important to me to be wildly vulnerable & naked. So many of the themes are tragic, but the music has this sort of hopeful feeling.”
“I want listeners to feel like they’re not alone when they hear me. If this record affects one person to be okay with that vulnerability, that’s all I could ever ask for.”
Vogue-endorsed Littledoe designer Chase Cohl is gearing up to release new music in the coming months. So make sure you follow her via InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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