If you’ve been lurking around the London nightlife scene, you may have spotted singer/songwriter Nina Nisbett at Camden Assembly Pub earlier this month. This powerful new artist’s single “The Moments I’m Missing” already has more than one million streams and counting. The song sounds as if it is straight from the pages of her diary, deeply personal and brutally honest. In fact, the track was both self-written and self-produced by Nina.

Want a sound as raw at the lyrics? You’re in luck. Nina just released a new stripped back version of the single. With the piano much more prevalent in this rendition, Nina’s voice echo’s an anthem, as if to make a point. WE HERE YOU, Nina. YOU GO, Nina.

According to a press release, Nina speaks of the track saying, “I went home from a session for someone else and I wanted to write a song nobody else could sing but me. I loved how rappers or R&B artists talked about their lives and I wanted to find the singer-songwriter version of that. It’s not about missing as in longing; it’s about the moments I’m missing from my brain. It’s about recollecting.”

Nakid Magazine has their eyes, and ears, on this lady. That kind of voice doesn’t go unnoticed for long. Nina is the type of artist that starts a movement and paves the way for other musicians.

Make sure to keep up with Nina via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Words by Mollie Jamison

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