Today our NEW MUSIC FRIDAY segment is filled with blasts from the past, and not many can cause such bang in the Nakid atmosphere like Gallo, the American-Lebanese solo artist who’s new EP will shine a technicolor light on the alternative music scene. Last time that we heard from the bombshell, she had just dropped a mesmerizing music video for her song ‘Suggar Daddy’ with the help of Nakid’s favorite director Nadia Lee Cohen. It was a twisted and delectable music film that made us fall in love with her. Inspired by the Pop prowess of Robyn and moodiness of Portishead, Gallo comes forward with her self-titled EP, ‘Gallo’ making her official debut as the powerful songwriter and mystical goddess she has flowed through her blood. With one look into her trance and admitting to her alluring melodies, Gallo transcends us to her fanciful lands of romance, lust, and empowerment. She explains, “I am a human mood ring…I’m not trying to write music for validation.” In other words, brace yourselves.

With this project Gallo is ready to make her grand introduction, presenting to the world a mesmerizing collection of music that plays and pushes the normalities of pop into the unknown. With infectious choruses and addictive rhythms, this 6-track EP bestows hypnotic trip-hop productions and moody yet soulful vocals that will have you singing along and dancing your way to worlds far away. Giving us something that isn’t too familiar, and leaves us wondering what’s waiting around the corner. It’s weird, edgy and provocative in all the right ways.

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