Jeffrey Ayres, is a 29 year old photographer from the west-end of Toronto. He likes Shooting with disposables at the moment. He is trying to capture the 80s/90s pre-social media vibe.

“The grungier the better to be honest. Never really considered myself an artist of any sort, but photography is the only outlet that I’m able to express the inner-workings of my brain with. Semi-new to shooting models, but super picky with who I shoot with! As far as credits go, I do everything on my own. My own stylist and photographer. For this particular shoot the model is @bigchantelle. We had been planning to shoot for awhile, and we were both bored one Sunday and shot this kind of morning surfer, messy hair, fuck-it attitude kind of vibe and the photos turned out dope.”

See more of Jeff’s work here: INSTAGRAM

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