Taina Haines is a London based Brazilian influencer, visual merchandiser and model currently featured in campaigns for fashion brands Melissa and Stonefox. So far, Taina has been involved in a wide range of projects from acting to working with famous producers and photographers like Harris Nukem and Marc Hayden!
Interview/photography by Allan Gregorio
– Who is Taina Haines when no one is around?
Taina is a very stubborn person when no one is around
– You’ve lived and worked in several countries/cities, which one is your favourite so far and why?
London, because it’s a massive place, it’s got everything and I never get bored of it. I always discover new things to do.
– You are about to start studying acting. What would be your perfect role and a perfect movie partner?
Perfect role would be acting at my own age and skin, but can’t think of anyone to be my perfect partner. Maybe my own self.
– Tell us about some of the most embarrassing moments you’ve had while modelling.
Once I had to do hard poses on a really busy street and I fell over in front of everyone.
– What superpower would you like to have?
I’d love to fly and be up on the sky feeling all the freedom I’ve always dreamed of…
– You are going to an uninhabited tropical island and you are allowed to take only three things with you. What would they be?
A blanket to get warm, a knife to protect myself and get some food, and someone not to be so lonely.
– What makes you happy?
My family, friends and making my dreams come true.
– What are the biggest differences between Brazilian and European women?
Brazilian women are far crazier in every way than European women.
– What are the biggest differences between Brazilian and European men?
There aren’t any differences cause men are all the same
– Who is Taina Haines at the age of 60?
Hopefully someone very wise, who’s had a lot fun and knows a lot about life in general with a lot of pugs around.

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