Today we finally drop part two of the dual feature that accompanies the short film, ‘SENSES‘, written and directed by artist Alexan Sarikamichian and co-director Francisco de la Fuente which is a story about “Two twenty-somethings reaching euphoric heights in a tryst with virtual reality” – you can see PART 1: SENSE short film here. This exclusive photo series that completes the ‘Senses’ presentation is a 35mm analog film series, pushing limits of what it means to be young in the 21st century. When asked about the project Sarikamichian had this to say..

“We put a lot into this project, and we have just finished it! Its a film we did to grow as Directors, that we produced all by ourselves, totally independent, and its not linked to any brand and/or production company. The music score is original as well, it was composed and recorded for this film specifically.”

Alexan Sarikamichian

SENSES portrays our way of connecting with each other in a NEAR FUTURE, and opens up the possibility of thinking about LOVE in the DIGITAL ERA. Will there be an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION through digital mediums? Will the VIRTUAL REALITY technologies introduce us to NEW SENSATIONS? We live this almost-love story of the CONECTION between two youngsters through ENCOUNTERS and MISSED ECNOUNTERS that could as well be real or product of their imagination. Thanks to technology, we are more and more connected, we get to know each other, interact, even fall in love through digital platforms. With a Fashion Film aesthetics and strong and cinematic visuals, this film portrays an intimate story of two characters in the constant search of new and more sensations, with whom many of us could identify. The aesthetic care is linked to the tendency of people in their attempt to reflect the best of their personality and making visible to the world how unique they are.

See more of Alexan Sarikamichian’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE / FACEBOOK


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