Model and artist Olivia North and friends recently ventured out to the sands of Black Rock City for the Burning Man 2017 Festival. It takes a special kind of soul and adventurer to want to trek out to the unknown, totally reliant on yourself and what you bring to survive as well as the ability to make friends and share, Olivia & Co. make it look easy as they showcase some of the most amazing art, outfits and people at this years festival. All images shot on 35mm film with the exception of that Polaroid’s – flying boats, naked people, burning effigies, never ending horizons, art installations galore & just amazing people, that’s Burning Man. If you haven’t gone, you’re missing out on one of the best experiences in life. See all the badass moments from the eye of Olivia North at this years 2017 festival!

See more of Olivia North’s work here:  INSTAGRAM

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