Today we have Part 6, titled ‘COMPASSION’, from photographer Zach Phan, part of his exclusive interview and editorial series with NAKID titled, ‘Les Inclassables‘. Starring model FREDERIQUE at DULCEDO MODELS , with mua/hair by Shannie Jung at JUDY Inc. and styling by Miriam Brassard, ‘Les Inclassables‘, french for The Indefinables, ‘refers to the unique quality of the youth of Montréal with different walks of life.’ says Phan. The series is inspired by the interrogation scenes on Law & Order. Of all the amazing never ending tv shows to model an interview/photo series around, that is definitely the top of the list. Zach seeks to understand his subject’s perspective in a series of questions, similar to those riveting SVU/Criminal Intent episodes, revealing insights about their experiences at school, others misconception of them or in general about people and why people become or are, depressed.

Zach Phan, based in Montreal, Canada, is a freelance and fashion photographer who seeks to empower his subjects with the use of rich narrative, eccentric visuals, and effortless movement.

See more of Zach Phan’s work here:  INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE

What is the worst thing that has happened at school?

When I failed a class when I’ve done everything I could to succeed.

Is there a song that have made you cry?

All I want by Kodaline because it reminds me of my past relationship.

What is something you wish people would do more of?

Be more attentive with people around you, even if they are strangers. It would be nice to live in an environment where everyone could even just say hello to each other.

What is one advice you would give to your thirteen-year-old self?

You were happy. And there was never a reason why you shouldn’t.


Why do some people get depressed?

Because they have not acknowledged their worth and potential.  

What is something some people should fix?

Social media dependency. 


What is a misconception that people seem to have about the youth in Montréal?

I can tell you that people have assumed that I know a lot less than I actually do because I’m young and do not live in a big city.

What is missing in Montréal?

I live in Trois-Rivières and there is nothing missing. I love my city.

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