You can put the girl into a pretty dress, do her makeup pretty and even call her a fashion queen, but once a Rock-star always a rock-star and you’ll never be able to mask that off her. Self-proclaimed ‘Trashcan Queen’, Adore Delano has been the center of attention for years since her iconic appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race, her careless and youthful personality captured the true essence of the new wave of Drag Queens and Gender-fluid Queer. Her Rock and Roll persona have inspired thousands of youngins around the world with songs like ‘Adore You’, ‘After Party’ and now her newest single ‘Hole Nine Yards’, three different tracks from three different albums that showcase a musical and professional evolution of her Artistry and her state of mind. Her fandom rules deep in the inter-webs with endless memes with classic quotes from her onstage and offstage persona and in real life, she is selling out tours all across the glove so effortlessly. Inspired by a 60’s and 90’s Cult Cinema and the Andy Warhol’s Superstars, today we are ecstatic to bring you a new visual story with Adore herself titled, ‘Trash’ a series of vintage looking images with a sexual and high fashion glare into the Sexualized Gender Mind Fuck and multi-faceted artistic power that is Adore Delano.

Creative Direction and Photography by Manuel Frayre 

Models Adore Delano, AJ Perez and Steven Stearns 

Styling by Manuel Frayre and Calli Anne Buckelew

Wardrove by Blue Velvet Vintage in Austin Tx

Accessories and Hair by Coco Coquette Austin 



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