Photo by Caitlyn-Krone

There is a certain mysteriousness and sex appeal behind the LA based 21-year-old artist R E L, her music embodies a hurtful and ambiguous tone, yet it still feels sensitive and honest. Her newest single ‘Colors’ radiates emotion, embodying what she calls EVOCA- POP™ and what has been labeled by music tastemakers and fans as dream pop/alternative R&B/soul.


R E L talked to Nakid about her new work, mentioning  “Colors” is a love song for America , and it’s for a person too. It’s important to check in with ourselves… so we treat those we love, and so we treat everyone, with respect. When your actions don’t match your word s, you hurt people. Being honest with ourselves means we can be honest with others, working towards our goals effectively, truly and beautifully. We’re irrepressible dreamers. We can be everything we dream and more” 

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Video directed by R E L and Alex Mitchell, edited by Ethan Barnes Demarest.


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