Returning to the mainstreams with the enchanting, dreamy and promiscuous chich-powered tune ‘Love Sick’, Michelle Woolery, know to the club scene for years as ‘Chelley‘ is ready to give the industry another run for their money with a new more polished and sensual aesthetics. Today we are happy to premiere the music video for the track ‘Love Sick’, set in between a beautiful tropical pink and neon paradise setting while rocking some fantastic clothing arrangements and experiencing the occasional boy troubles. The new visuals allows us to see tones of female empowerment while she embraces her own womanhood, she is careless and unapologetic, like she has found her inner bad girl voice and we are living for it. Chelley is preparing her upcoming Ep, a reggae-island and pop infused project featuring international producers like Ricky Blaze and Diplo.

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