Hande Şekerciler, is an sculptor, living and working in Istanbul, Turkey. He got his education In Marmara University major in Fine Arts and Sculpture. He has since worked with assisting a couple of artist gaining experience with different materials and techniques.

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Can you tell us about your background?

When i was dreaming about studying psychology in university, my mom encouraged me for talent exams. I started in painting but i continued to sculpture. Once someone mingle with sculpture, it is impossible to quit. It has a magic like that. I don’t think that one need to go to school to be an artist although i went. But unfortunately to understand the meaning of being an artist the one should go to a school for it. After i understood that in my third year, i started to be assistant for artists and continued after school for a couple years. I learned most of the things in that way. Not just “how to make”, i also learned “how not to make wrong”. I started to build my own studio. I still try to learn more and create more.

Your exhibition “Ecstasy”in Contemporary Istanbul 2017 was very intense. What was your motivation? What did you want to reflect? Why“Ecstasy”?

Name of the series “Ecstasy” comes from description of deep happiness, overjoy and state of trance. Characters of “Ecstasy” are in peace with their sexuality and orientation, they embrace their existence. I purified them from all kinds of clothes, accessory and even hair to make them free from gender and social labels. I think that, it also made them timeless.

What type of material you prefer and is there a reason for that?

I use epoxy lately which i also used in “Ecstasy”. I picked it because i can do it all by myself in every stage. Also it is the most harmless one to health among others.

Why those women figures are in front of men figures in your“Ecstasy” exhibition?

All of us worry about gender, sexuality, sexual orientation and our desires. There is a”normal” that is imposed to us. But actually, all of us have different gender, orientation and motive. We are beyond of being a man or a woman. We choose to oppress these motives instead of embracing them. “Ecstasy II” is one of the sculptures i made to express these problems. There is a woman with closed eyes staying calmly and the male version of hers flying through her body from sky. Two figures are presenting the same person in different genders that shares the same body with two different mood and choices.

Are you working on anything new? What are your plans for your artistic future?

I will continue to work on “Ecstasy” for a while. We are also starting to a project named “Haar” with digital artist Arda Yalkın besides from my own productions. We will produce and exhibit our first work in New York next year.There are some other plans in Los Angeles afterwards. I’m also wondering how those works will affect us.

Interview by:Hazal Uğurtan