Mayank Mudnaney, has been working as a professional photographer for around two years. Having no formal study of photography, the only way to learn the craft was to work and assist professional photographers initially.

“I started exploring the field by experimenting and learning about lights and all kinds of equipments that go into a photo shoot. Fashion editorial intrigued me the most, the way a story was conveyed by a minimalistic approach was what that got me into fashion photography. I have been working on attaining a minimal approach to convey certain moods and through the body language of the models. I can finally say that I love what I do for a living.”

See more of Mayank’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM


Stylist – Barnali Pegu
 || Makeup – Niti S Goenka
Instagram  || Makeup Assistant – Pratiksha Nair

 Hair – Roshni Benbansi || Model – Micula Bianca Teodora || Modeling Agency – Toabh Management


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