Rolling in with fresh new music from the west coast is model and singer Farah Washington, whose sultry vocals and slow-burning productions keep us wanting for more every time. Nakid Contributor and super badass photographer Vanessa Petters had a chance to chat with Farah to talk inspiration and upcoming projects.

Vanessa Petters:  What is your name and who are you?

Farah Washington: Hello, my name is Farah Washington and I’m an artist/model looking to spread self-love back into the world.

Would you say that you chose music or music chose you and why?

Music chose me. It’s all I know, from the moment I can remember someone was singing to me whether it was my mother or my grandmother and I always found happiness when it came to music, it took everything away from me regardless on what I was feeling.

What has your experience been like with being a musician in LA?

LA is cool, definitely a small circle of people in the music industry. But for the most part, there is always opportunities to get into and ways to grow your fan base so I would say I like it.

Who are some artists that inspire you in a very real way?

Tupac, anytime I hear any song that he has, it’s like he took his art very seriously and you could always tell that he had a message to get out through his music. He inspired me to keep it real and make music and do what you believe in with life.

What do you believe sets your artistry apart from other artists similar to you?

My artistry is very different just because of who I am as a person. I have a crazy imagination and I’ve never met anyone that has something similar going on within their mind. The things I think about aren’t the average person’s thoughts or maybe it’s just the area I’m in *laughs*.

What is the best part about doing what you do?

The best part about doing what I love to do is the fact that I can express myself in any format with music. If I could, I would be in the studio forever. I love creating music, I love writing lyrics, I love hearing people’s music, especially if I can relate to it and I just love the experience of being an artist and not living the average life.

What is the scariest part about doing what you do?

The scariest part is you never know what’s going to happen, but that’s what makes it fun too. If you have loyal fans though, I feel I’ll be alright through it all because they’re all we need as artists.


You also model, how do you think modeling and music lend to one another?

Well, they definitely coexist when it comes to expression. With music and modeling, you always have to express yourself whether it be in the pictures or making music. I find it very similar when I trigger similar emotions.

I love the geometric tattoo on your forearm, what is the story behind that?

Thank you, thank you. Well, not too long ago I found out about Sacred Geometry and I really researched and found that I believe in a lot of the things that I do see. So I wanted to get it tatted on me because I felt it plays a very important part in my life and definitely a life-changing part.

Do you consider yourself a feminist and what is your stance on something such as the amber rose slutwalk that happens in LA Annually?

I’m a feminist to an extent. I do disagree with a few things in the slutwalk but I do believe in women empowerment. We are strong and we are able to accomplish whatever it is that we’d like and most people don’t like that. They want females just to think about love and a man to take care of us but I love women bosses and I’m all for that.

Would you attend the slutwalk?

Now when it comes to amber rose, I wouldn’t attend a slut walk because I don’t really feel that can comfortably coexist in my life.

What does an empowered woman look like to you?

My mother. She is literally superwoman, she raised me and my brother by herself and managed to keep us levelheaded and in control. I appreciate that woman and she is as real as it will ever get, I’ve never met a female like her.


Walk us through a super busy day in your life.

Okay, I wake up around 5 am by my son and I get him breakfast, get him cleaned up, get myself dressed and head out to a photo-shoot. That will usually take me about 3 hours and after that, I might grab a snack and then head to the studio for the rest of the day.

Do you think there is much merit these days in being signed by a big record company? Why or why not?

Yes and no. Yes, because when it comes to the financial part of things they will have it covered, but usually they are giving out 360 deals and that’s not really what I’m looking to get into with my career at least right now.

Could you tell us one song that automatically makes you feel, whether it’s sadness, happiness or anger, it automatically touches your emotions to elicit base emotions?

Mario – Let Me Love You – Makes me feel a peaceful feeling when I was going through a hard time when I was younger, it definitely eased me. Mario’s voice, lyrics, and the beat just were perfect.

What is something that you wish you were better at?

I wish I was better at caring.

What do you feel you are judged on or about the most?

I feel like I’m judged on any and everything I do. People have always had an opinion, advice, whatever about me and it’s just like…I really don’t care about what other people are doing, so it makes it very pointless to even take the time out of your day to judge me.

Do you support any charities or movements at this time?

Right now, I only support my movement, & the female empowerment movement that Beyonce started.


Let’s hear your philosophy on relationships.

*laughs* relationships are dead. Relationships have hit a whole level of rock bottom or maybe that’s just where I’m looking because I see people in “relationships” all the time but they have side pieces and side dudes and it’s just a lack of commitment and honesty, in my opinion, so would I want a relationship right now? Definitely not. But to those that really do find love, kudos.

Are you working on any new music videos anytime soon?

Yes, I am about to drop my “I’m in Love” video very soon and that is about to go up and then it’s going to be a lot more other videos coming out and music so stay tuned for that.


You are a mother to a very beautiful son Kemet, tell us about that.

Being a mother is a life-changing experience and he is a ball of energy, definitely. It’s puts meaning and an understanding on things. I’ve learned how to love in a different way because you can’t love anyone like you love your child so that’s definitely something new for me. Another thing is I get why they say you have to be in love with who you want the father to be because your kid is apart of both and you and you will always have to deal with him, so piece of advice, if you don’t love him enough to deal with him when you hate him, don’t do it, ladies.

Tell us about how the track ‘Icy’ featuring banged came around?

Well, Baegod has been around for some time now and I found out about her when I was pregnant and taking a break from music. She has a dope sound so it was only right to make a song when the time fit.

Are you a big smoker and if so how does it help you in your art and otherwise.

Mm..I smoke when necessary. I feel like it helps me be creative and just have a good time.

Do you find that you are a people pleaser or you are someone that does what you want?

I’m definitely someone that does what they want. I could care less what else is going on or how someone feels, it’s important that I make sure that I’m living for me regardless of what people think or feel. It’s my life.

Do you work with some incredible photographers in order to bring your visions to life, who are some of these magicians?

Sofxposh definitely, Wilford, and so much more that I can’t even name right now *laughs*

What is one thing you know now that young you couldn’t have possibly thought could be true, or valid or fair?
Love is fake.

What can we expect from you next Farah?

Definitely a lot more material, videos, more merch and just expect to see me all over. I want to take this whole lane over. 2018 will definitely reflect my hard work this year.

Any final things to note before we sign off?
Stay tuned for my new music. Oh! Also, check out the merch, it’s pretty hot *smiles*

Where can everybody find you on social media?
Twitter/IG: @farahneoteric


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