What a wonderful time of the year? The witches, demons and all the spirited world roam free, cynically and eagerly around the night — truly a time for sin and fuckery so what is not to love. During our amazing weekend roaming the streets of Deep Ellum in Dallas, Tx. We ran across the first great event of the Halloween Season ‘The Summoning’, and it was hosted by no other than Dallas favorite Dj Blake in collaboration with the Le Meridien Hotel at The Stoneleigh Penthouse. If you love Hallows Eve’s celebrations as much as I do, you probably know how exciting the preparations for this event was, pulled some cards out of my costume ideas I’ve saved all year long and really got to work, and for the looks of it I was not the only one. Many fantastic outfits, from the gruesome to the slutty and the ‘Holly Shit How did you make that?’ ones. Make sure to keep up with Dj Blake for any future events.

Images by Manuel Frayre