Photographer Gaspar Marquez amazes with this ode to contact sheets and new exclusive series for NAKID titled ‘BODYSCAPES’. Shot on 35 mm film, he carefully sequenced the shots to form a scattered vision of his subjects in carefully orchestrated poses and frames.

Gaspar describes the series like this..

“This body of work I’m showing you is a quest for the unknown, a rediscovery of my involuntary consciousness,one perfect asymmetry in an infinite world which I find in the female form. I experiment with the nude female body because is the source of my inspiration, I always felt the need to photograph it, I am convinced that I unconsciously wanted to capture the essence of the female beauty and it was paramount to fulfill my artistic expression and unique style of creating images in a nonlinear , almost mathematical way or in the context of a story , dissecting her aesthetics piece by piece. These images were shot using a roll of 35 mm film, color and black & white then the film gets developed and scanned , slightly retouched in Photoshop for cleaning & lighting purposes , and finally they’re printed large scale or medium size to communicate across their dimensions.
Photography is the media of my choice but as a kid I was attracted to painting : especially Surrealism, Cubism and Expressionism , but it didn’t come easy to me, so I took a 35 mm camera and started to create my vision & style…”

See more of Gaspar Marquez’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM



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