Today on NAKID we have a special new music premiere of synth R&B artist Claire Mortifee‘s new music video for her latest single “Panther Paws”! Captivating B&W imagery with a hypnotic soul driven anthem, perfectly melding together to a beat that pulls you in and shakes you. “Panther Paws” is the third single off Claire’s debut LP Medicines, which was released earlier this year to critical praise. Medicines entered in at #42 in the iTunes Top 200 Releases for the R&B/Soul Chart, and saw chart positions in the Netherlands and Japan. The album – featuring her previous singles “Ouroboros” and “Shanghigh” blends Claire’s neo-soul vocals with synthetic R&B beats. Her undeniable musical prowess, socially conscious lifestyle, and message of healing and self-love emanates throughout her work. As a vocalist, Reiki Master and Life Coach, the 24-year old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist resonates with pure authenticity. With vocal inspiration from Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu – and a sound reminiscent of Tove Lo – Claire’s music brings a perfect storm of vocal ability, magnetic presence and sheer confidence, utilizing her potential to create music that is poignant and deeply resonant.
Los Angeles-based Queer Synth R&B artist released debut LP Medicines on June 23. 
Claire reflected on what Panther Paws really means to her:

“Panther Paws is a reflection on the decolonialization of my subconscious. It also comments on the mirror of intimate relationships, and how these two aspects interact within the context of my marriage, which happens to be interracial. Learning mySelf continues to be both a deeply humbling and a deeply rewarding experience – one that is made so much richer by the profound love my partner and I share.” 

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