Alt-pop singer-songwriter Lo is finally ready to showcase her Good Good talents to the world, after moving to Nashville to pursue a Dancing career she soon found out that there was more to her artistry than that. She already knew her way around music production and audio engineering, as well as multiple musical instruments, so why not take it all and put it into a bigger concept, her own solo project. Fast forward to today where we get to see the fruit of such ambition with her debut track ”Good Good”, a promiscuous and empowering song with an infectious feel-good melody and a quote-worthy lyrical style.

“My goal with my artistry is always to encourage my audience to feel empowered, free and confident, I’d watched so many of my friends falsely define their self-worth by how poorly someone treated them and having experienced that myself as well, I decided it was time to write a song that reminded all of the fierce females out there that they are exactly that – fierce and irreplaceable!”  Lo mentioned to Nakid Magazine.

Although the track sounds sweet and inviting, she finds a way to throw a few punches here and there to some bad news from the past, lyrics like “I’d wish you the best but you already had it” make you realize that she can be a bittersweet treat as well. I mean how many of us wish we could just say that to our Ex’s?

“When the track came together in the room that day, we started dancing and the hook, ‘I’d wish you the best, but you’ve already had it’, just fell out,” she added. “Just like that, ‘Good Good’ was born.”

With “Good Good” marking her debut as an artist, Lo is poised to make a statement that Nashville pop is armed and ready to go. Before becoming a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and self-taught producer, Lo cut her teeth in the entertainment industry as a dancer first, landing features in ABC, USA Today, ESPN along with titles such as ‘All SEC Dancer of The Year’ during her time at Vanderbilt University. Recently signing to Dr. Luke’s Prescription Songs, her experience as a dancer continues to influence her artistry as she creates pop gems that are perfect to move to.

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