Rosa Scipion, is an Ibiza based photographer, she loves nature and to travel. She submitted this series she shot inspired by a song with model Laura Van Ree.

I recently shot a series with Laura, and a few days ago as I was listening to this song of Kalya Scintilla with Eve Olution, it remind me of her.”


Infant of infinity.
Rise anew.
The golden dawn rises with you, the time is now.
Transform through breath.
Let yourself feel the eternal rhythm.
The rhythm of the cosmos.
The rhythm inside your heart.
You are the cosmic chords; vibrating life force; living light; breathing; carved from the stars.
You are the living Prophecy.
Breathe deep in the center of your heart; There.
There you will find the truth awaiting you.
In the silence you will find the key to remember who you are and open each others eyes…


See more of Rosa Scipion’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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