Miles Marie is a Detroit based photographer and makeup artist that focuses on the art of photography as a place where the imagination of story telling and the darkroom converge.

While I often shoot both analog and digital, I find it important not to compromise the integrity of the subject, mostly, my favorite subject —-> women. So often, I look at commercial photographs and cringe at the lack of imagination behind “beauty.” The layers that look plastic and traditional beauty shots. We also turn these photographs around so fast, and have our settings preset its easy to pump out photograph after photograph, while answering emails, and watching TV all at the same time.

‘She’s not a pretty flower, and she’s not a sexual deviant. She’s not a physiological definition, a garden, or any of those silly words we give vaginas because were too afraid to call them vaginas. She devours the garden, but when she’s done it grows back lusher and richer than it ever could have been before the garden met her. She is a force… she’s a rose… she’s a woman.’

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Photographer/ Makeup Artist: Miles Marie  ||  Hair: Meagan Borowy || Model: Ariel Fahey

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