Niko Zuparic, is an amateur photographer seeking to capture pure authentic beauty of people showing personality and feelings behind his lens. He is currently based in Salzburg, Austria starting out his career looking forward to travel the world doing what he loves most.


“I hope you enjoy the escape to the sixties with two friends of mine we had a fun time and some nice ideas on a cloudy day in Salzburg.

Vintage lovers Nora and Laurenz are meeting up every once in a while, celebrating the 1960s era and adding their own twist to this iconic decade. This time they approached a sixties pool theme. It took a while to realize this shoot, since an authentic location had to be found. But the searching paid off, and the perfect vintage pool was in sight.

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Model: Model-1: Nora Garlock  Model-2: Laurenz Wakolbinger   Hair & Make-up: Lena Riedl