Image by Kristin Cofer

Formed in the Big Easy, psych-pop, art duo Moon Honey have returned with another delightful gem, “Betta Fish” a funky tune with an attraction for abstract rhythms and unique vocal work. The duo includes lead vocalist, visual artist and lyricist, Jess Joy, and guitarist and composer, Andrew Martin, and together they’ve created an out-of-this-world concoction of magic that transports you to another peculiar and exciting realm of sound and vision.

“We really believe in the human hand,” Jess goes on. “Andrew is so specific with his tones and the vintage tubes he chooses. The way he plays is very emotional. We don’t lean into electronic or digital music. We feel strongly about preserving the organic qualities that come from the hand and those imperfections. That ties into the artwork being handmade. I want everything to be tactile and have irregularities.”

“Musically, the guitar creates the sounds,” Andrew elaborates. “There are so many ways to break, bend, and warp that instrument. I believe in it so much.”

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