Designer and artist Tisja Damen together with director Maarten Groen, created this film together out of passion for the craft, that is why everything is filmed on actual 35 mm film and took them more than 6 months to finish. The music is specially made for the film, and all the models are artists (painters, dancers) – showcasing Tisja’s brand in a way that is artistic and has a strong storytelling touch instead of  a cliche commercial feeling like some within fashion today.

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Film Credits: 

Director: Maarten Groen (DPPLR)
DP: Stephan Polman
Producer: Levi Rijper (DPPLR), Niels Visser (DPPLR),
Production Assistent: Anne den Boer, Loulou Roskam, Brandi van de Mortel, Amy Post
Production Manager: Niels Visser (DPPLR)
Cast: Linda Visser, Celine Prins, Lou Hoekstra, Soesja Leugs, Dymph de Gooijer, Shanity Alvares
Client: Tisja Damen
Concept: Maarten Groen (DPPLR)
Focus Puller: Chiel van Dongen
Hair & Make-up: Niki Vos, Ika Kartika
Clapper Loader: Pauline Skoreng, Christiaan van Leeuwen
Choreography: Margriet de Rijk
Editing: Ruben Labree (DPPLR)
Compositor: Ewoud Visser (DPPLR)
Colorist: Barry Clark (Captcha!)
Composition: Guido Maat (Audentity)
Violin: Myrthe van de Weetering
Audio Account: Ella Sonke (Audentity)
Developing + Scanning: Color by de Jonghe
Tisja Damen crew: Maddy Weston, Daisy Thayre, Marjaana Koski, Hannah Woods