Akira Oettinger loved to doodle in books in pre-school and she still does that occasionally, while sitting in class. She started taking analog photos at 14 and at 21 she got her first digital camera. She studied visual arts and taught herself graphic design as a side project that never stopped. She personally doesn’t write diaries, she rather illustrate them. Documenting life through images brings out more feeling for her. She lives and works somewhere between Barcelona, Vienna and Florianópolis.

A L E X S E X D I A R I E S started as a simple private project, documenting my passion with Alex. The high peaks and lows, the pleasure, the adventures and the learning of the other being. Sensuality. Pure and simple.

Sometimes painted with pigment liners and water-colours, sometimes digitally with Adobe Illustrator.”

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Muse: Alexander Neuwirth 

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