It is a fantastic beginning of a weekend when I get Saya News in my Inbox, her stunning and elegant melodies vibrate so promiscuously under her seductive vocals. Saya’s music portraits female empowerment but with a very distinctive style and her visuals are nothing to be doubtful of. Always capturing the raw sentiment of a girl that gives no fucks, a girl that is a boss and a girl in charge of her path and her outfits, cause the outfits always leaves us shook.

Today she launches her newest song, Paid, along with its official visual.  This news doubles up with the news of her debut EP, Chills & Thrills that dropped today through all of your favorite music platforms.

Paid follows-up from her previous offering, On Ice, which explored empowerment in relationships, ignoring traditional notions of how love can be taken too seriously. “I definitely have a dominant personality and I have really loved the process of embracing womanhood,” Saya says, “I wanted to make a song that someone could listen to and feel sexy too.”
The video, which also features another stalwart of the Toronto scene, Kris, also offers another moment where Saya shows talent in showing authority in leading the direction, both on & behind the camera.  The song itself feels very connected to all the previously released music offering alluring, honest insights into how she feels but the video offers something far more playful, taking on a lowkey gangsta vibe offering limousines, champagne & plentiful money shot from guns.
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Photo by Austin Chang