Images by Manuel Frayre

A new age of Hip-Hop is approaching and so is a new age for the 2018 Grammy Nominated rapper Tyler the Creator. After showcasing a more mature and sophisticated production with his album ‘Flower Boy’; he has successfully designed a cult-like clothing brand, he produced his very own music festival with all National talent and publicly expanded the conversation about his sexuality. It is just impossible to think of him as the fresh off Odd Future rapper we learned to love years ago.
For his second time coming around the Dallas area promoting ‘Flower Boy he came back with the full package, a tropical stage set so beautiful and dreamy that made the entire Bomb Factory gasp.
Seeing and appreciating his fan base was quite an experience, the new youngsters, the day oners who have grown and evolved with him since the ‘Yonkers’ and before days and the musical snobs who now recognize him as one of the most successful and conceptual artist in the game. All equally invested, all equally excited throughout the many phases of his set. Whatever Tyler is doing, he needs to not stop. He has managed to capture a perfect medium between some of the most demanding fanbases in our generation, by being conceptually vulnerable with his music but mysterious and tactical with his side ventures. It’s a balance most other mainstream artists wish to acquire. Check out the rest of the tour dates and make sure you catch this amazing tour live.