Arnaud Ele is a photographer and videographer born in Cameroon and established in Switzerland for more than ten years. He studied film and movie-making in Geneva. Snapshots, cinematographic photos, natural light, a sense of freedom … all inviting to live the present moment, a human reality of which everyone is part, without artifice. His work in the vintage spirit seems timeless, navigating between analog and digital.

SIR — Is a story of two boys: “I want to be two people at once. One runs away.” Uncovering their duality, Jérémy and Elion brought us to their inner side.

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Art direction: Laura Knoops

Elion & Jérémy

Make-up and hair artist: Carolina Lazo
Stylist: Rudolfs A. Packevics
Assistant stylist: Inès aka Nak Lou

Location: Sir Savigny Hotel / Berlin