Image by Adi Putra

Californian musician Bloodboy aka Lexie Papilion has released a brand new single “Sex Crime” taken from her forthcoming debut album “Punk Adjacent,” set for release later this summer. Her sound is daring and melancholic at the same time, her vocals showcase raw emotional sensations with unique vibratos and kind of a careless punk whiny pitch tone. It’s eveything we wanted from a chick rocker in 2018.
The provocative track is about a woman in her early 20s who is pursued by a young man in his late teens, and while she can’t deny she feels a certain attraction to him, she ultimately decides he’s too young.” Papilion who wrote and co-produced the song explains. It’s meant to reflect the nuanced nature of love and lust, as well as a commentary on the rigidity of our legal system in regards to romantic relationships it deems inappropriate. While I believe there is no “magic age” dictating our physical or emotional capacity to consent, I do believe we have a moral responsibility to recognize and accept the inherent power imbalance at play between two people when there is a large disparity in age.”

Speaking about her upcoming full album “Punk Adjacent”, she told Nakid:
I spent so long writing music that I thought “made sense” for me to write and I had a difficult time allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to take any real risks. I always wanted to make punk music because it’s what I grew up identifying with most, but setting out to make a punk record felt a little disingenuous to me.” Papilion reveals. “I finally reached a point where I wasn’t concerned with fitting any sort of mold. The artists I admire didn’t impose any restrictions on themselves and that was how the punk movement came to be in the first place.”

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