Erica Thornberry, is a Southern California transplant, originally from the northern end of the state. Erica’s passion for photography was originally ignited in a black and white film class taken in high school. Since then, she has continued to pursue photography, working primarily with a digital SLR for her work. She teamed up with model Kiley Garcia to bring us this exclusive editorial shot along a lagoon in Carlsbad.

“Before I became active with photography I would spend a lot of my creative energy making art using acrylics, watercolor and by illustrating. I’ve always been inspired by editorial style photography and high fashion, an influence you can see clearly in a lot of my hands-on pieces. When I think about my photographs I like to think of them as works of art, and I usually try to infuse some semblance of surrealism into my photos like I would with an art piece. I want the viewer to feel slightly uncomfortable, yet intrigued to know more – that there is a hidden meaning or a story behind each piece.
I’m also a huge fan of being outdoors and in nature and like to take mildly creepy, surreal landscape photos. If I can incorporate a model into these, even better. I also love the aesthetic and nostalgic feel of film photography and try to recreate this in my work.”


See more of Erica’s work here:  INSTAGRAM

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