SXSW was a doozy this year, between the open bars and our NAKID House event that went on until 7 in the morning. We managed to sneak out for a few hours to check out some really cool shows around the city. From Fader Fort to the Takeover, Stubbs and ACL Live, here are our favorite sets we saw this year.


Billie Elish at Fader Fort

Image Via FADER

With the attitude of a pissed off teenager, the swag of a new age rapper and a voice that makes you soften up as soon as she sings her tunes. Billie Eilish is not your ordinary pop star, she has an eclectic energy that bounces from serious mellow moments to some choreographed dancing and back to serious so eloquently. Her set at Fader Fort on Wednesday was one that stood out to the masses. If you knew who she was you were probably there for her, and if you didn’t you spent a good portion of the set trying to ask Siri who she was.

Rae Sremmurd at SXSWTAKEOVER

Image by Mikel Garcia

Promoting their solo projects as well as their upcoming album Sremmlife 3, the two rappers kept the crowds going from new to old. From Dance like a Stripper to new material and back to Black Beetles. Most people inside the ACL Live venue had probably been waiting in line since 3 pm that day and their set started shortly after midnight, yet they were so live, making the ground shake.
It was quite possibly the most hyped moment of SXSW this year.

Bobby Sessions at Fader Fort

Image Via FADER

The surprise of the year, amongst so many acts that took the Fort Stage, Bobby Sessions was possibly the most gratifying. Demanding every bit of attention from the crowd, the Dallas based rapper made it know just how serious he was. His lyrics spoke the truth, his voice was soulful and wise, yet his body language was energetic and youthful. Promoting the cultural message that the youth can be strong and knowledgeable. Make sure to keep an eye on this act, something tells me he is just getting started.

MikeWillMadeIt and the Eardrummers Label Showcase

Image by Mikel Garcia

Now there were some turn ups this year, then there was the Eardrummers turn up. Announcing the latest signee Trouble into the Atlantic Records sublabel. The crew made ACL Live lose their godly minds during Mike’s Dj set at the end of the showcase. Playing all the label’s hits and many more, everyone was just so lit. You might have even caught me on that stage too acting a fool because that is just how this set made me feel.


DJ Carnage, UglyGod, and Killy at Stubbs

Image by Mikel Garcia

It was a New Era + Heavy Weight Records SXSWTAKEOVER merger, with a line up showcasing your future favorite rappers all in one. During the last hour of the show, Carnage the president of the label brought out Killy and Ugly God, as well as a few other label friends / Instagram Celebs to the main stage for a massive turn up. Mixing House music with trap and R&B this was a showcase for the real music lovers and one we really wished lasted at least another 3 hours.


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