Photography @mark.aghatise

If you haven’t run into Candy Kens on Instagram as a male model with a sickening obsession with the color pink and stickers. Well now is your chance to learn about him not only by his abstract masculine queer identity but by his music, Trap Music that is.
The Austrian model recently released the music video for his track ‘ME AF’ a pink twisted fantasy showcasing exactly what Candy Kens is all about. He is like a hard pill to swallow, but once you do you are hooked, his aesthetics are disturbing and unapologetic as much as they are sexual and controversial.
His upcoming project ‘Flamingo’ promises to be something more personal, “We are about to learn a much more emotional and sensitive side of Ken rapping about love and breakups as well as being alone and outsider in society” He mentioned to Nakid.

Make sure to keep up with him because something tells us he will be making headlines pretty soon. Check out his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.