Do you ever wish you could travel in time and experience a different era just for the aesthetics alone?  To appreciate the clothes, the styles, the attitude and even the architecture. Manuel Frayre takes a deep trip into his Miami Vice fantasies for the Fashion a film ‘Money Shine’ Featuring models Ifrah Hockenberry, Renner Cade Baker and Kid Ken, the project refurnishes outtakes from the legendary Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ Music Video and vocals by 60’s dancer and seductive performer Geri Miller, ‘Money Shine’ is a Fashion Film and Exclusive Editorial inspired by the thrill-seeking lifestyle of Miami’s Underground Glamour Circa 1967.  
The days when the moonlight shined down on your golden skin so gracefully, vibrant patterns and gold chains dressed your warm body so seductively and the evils of the stimulants you took an hour ago danced all around you. 
Forever the life of a hustler and the Hustle is really what inspired Manuel for this project. 

“I think there’s a certain beauty behind the underground hustle mentality, especially in such era when fashion was so experimental and inventive. People were chasing the glam lifestyle by any means necessary. The jewels, the clothes, the drugs and the sex. It all signified power, it all signified attitude. I find that imagery to be glorifying ” 

Manuel is a Dallas based photographer whose vision embodies an obscure and sensual eye for human fervency, with obscure tones of explorative sensual and psychedelic stimulations. Make sure to keep up with him via Instagram or Twitter.  

Photography and Art Direction by 
Manuel Frayre 
Styled by 
Manuel Frayre
Styling Assistant and HMUA
Featured Track 
Geri Miller 
‘Mama Look At Me Now’

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