Tino Drima is a one of a kind rocker boy from the San Francisco Bay, his soulful vocals transmit a painful story with every broken not and dramatic run. The slow and dramatic melodies carry a very melancholic tune, is draining and heavy yet releaving at the same time. For his latest project, ‘Angels’ Tino released a visual project with director Ry Pieri. A very 80’s set design with lots of smoke and vintage graphics, kind of a ‘I Believe I can Fly Vibe’ and somehow it works with the song.

Crooning hell harmonies over charmed, ripping beats Tino channels music that feels like it has always existed. Think the inter-dimensional 50s radio in Old Man Cooper’s house that portals Classics from a more excellent world into his living room and everybody wants to hang out and listen and maybe stay the night even though it’s p weird there.

Make sure to keep up with Tino Drima via Bnadcamp and Instagram.