The Hotel Robbery, brainchild of the Seattle and L.A. based dynamic duo- Lucas Ludwig and Brad Hill, integrates modern pop, rap and 80s synth elements to create genre blending tracks that explore the intricacies of human virtue and vices.  Ludwig and Hill, long-time friends and collaborators united to form The Hotel Robbery in 2017. Their influences include The 1975, The Weeknd, Drake and The Cure.

With each member bringing their individual talents and interests to the project, it soon became clear that the possibilities for the band identity were limitless.  Rather than commit to a single genre, the pair decided to blur the lines of pop and rap, mixing in enough 80s synth elements to add nostalgia to the modern concept.

The Hotel Robbery continues to record and create visual content meant to elicit an emotional and physical response.  Their next single, “Narcotics,” today we premiere the  May, continues their thematic exploration of human vices, focusing on avarice and addiction.  The Hotel Robbery will be touring soon so make sure to keep up woth them via Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud.


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