Blame Candy is an extraterrestrial rock band that “descended upon Planet Earth with a guitar-heavy rock and roll mythos guaranteed to twist human nature on its head and thrust it into the outskirts of the stratosphere.

The band first gained notoriety in 2017 after posting a series of self-produced, satirical videos on YouTube that have garnered over 300,000 views. The videos showcase the band’s virtuosic musicianship as they perform popular major-key rock songs in minor keys (and vice-versa), as well as deliberately incorrect tutorials and other tongue-in-cheek music-related skits that polarize viewers and have led to organic press nods from Esquire, A.V. Club, Digg, etc.

All of the band’s music is self-composed and self-produced, led by front-man Chris Greatti, who has been steadily building a behind-the-scenes resume penning and producing songs for artists of all genres, including long-time collaborators Poppy and Titanic Sinclair.

Their highly curated Instagram page, which highlights the photography of “de facto 5th member” Andy DeLuca and styling by Storm Calysta, has caught the attention of Cake Magazine, LiveFast magazine, Local Wolves, Laloved Magazine, and now, Nakid, who have all featured the band and showcased their eclectic “future glam rock” fashion.

Blame Candy’s bedrock is its dynamic and flamboyant live performance, which Greatti describes as a “an animalistic release of sexual energy. Dressed to impress!” Their next live show is May 17th at Knitting Factory Brooklyn, with support from The Muckers and Starbenders.

Their second single, “Sweet Tooth,” a self-described “mission statement,” is due summer 2018 and will round out the band’s first 7” vinyl as the B-side of “Pathetic.


The music video for “Pathetic” can be seen here: