FЯEAKK LTD Preзeиts ‘Feaя & Loathiиg iи NYC’, A apocalyptic concept Project by Conor Thornton that is equally seductive as it is fearful. The sounds on this project take a grungy dirty and cynical 90’s vibe, sounds like the sex you’ve always wanted to have. Furthermore, the visuals are made of intensive edits of Big Brother-like VHS footage of a sinful society, according to Conor the plot of the project is set in the futuristic dystopian ‘Spite City’ based in NYC…

“A tale of hate, lust, violence, sex, dreams & love, set against the backdrop of the gloriously glamorous Hotel Amour, in the dystopian Spite City. Dead souls and dead dreams decorate the dark dystopian Spite City, where a dictatorial capitalist regime has rendered the population disillusioned and hateful. Hotel Amour is the paradisic oasis of decadence and hedonism. An escape for those within whom the pulse of passion still throbs. Excessive, hedonistic and sensual Pleasures exist as resistance against the desolate authoritarian regime. The senses and desires have been reduced to their base levels  – love, sex and dreams(L.S.D) still exist in Hotel Amour, but have been distorted, corrupted and twisted by life in Spite City.  Hotel Amour is a dark, disturbed, but beautiful fantasy in a city that has long lost any semblance of beauty. Not many know of this haven for passion, but it is teetering on the edge of mainstream knowledge, so we are unaware as to whether it will last in its current pure state, or if the masses of dead souls will find Hotel Amour and destroy its beauty.”

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