Lucho Davila  also known as iamtrece was born in 1988 in Quito, Ecuador. His fascination for image making, beauty and models started at a young age while traveling with his family in Tokyo, Japan.
Dávila founded and directed as a CEO and Art Director two advertising agencies for almost 7 years. While doing that, he studied a Master degree in Neuro-ligüistic Programming. In late 2012, just before moving to Madrid, he shot down his agencies and decided to refocus his career. In Spain, he studied a Master degree in Strategy & Innovation at the Istituto Europeo di Design and later on a Master degree in Fashion Photography. Finally got selected to participate in a mentoring program with fashion photographer Nick Knight.


“Many cases of abuse to models had come out on news in the past years. This series of beauties goes out to all does who has suffered of it. Portraying the sequence of acts performed by an abuser in the fashion industry.”

See more of Lucho’s work here: WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM



Photography & Art Direction by: Lucho Davila || Muah by: Rebeca Martín || Models: Danielle D for Blow Models || Paula B for Wild Models 

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